Sunday, January 4, 2015

Rocking in the new year.

My name is Nicole. 
I am a Type A personality, I am a planner, a goals and list kind of girl. I like, no I LOVE to be organized and prepared. I am a tad on the OCD side, and I am okay with that. 

I am currently 35 weeks pregnant with our second baby, another little girl. And with this pregnancy I have been so calm, so relaxed, and just laid back, not a care in the world....this is not me.  I can not make a decision to save my life, nothing feels right or sounds right. Not a type of couch I wanted to purchase, or where or what I want to eat, I have no desire to pack my hospital bag (I packed my bag at 30 weeks with my first, I was ready to go!) BUT the worst, np NAME for our daughter. I have changed my list of names, about 15 times, taken names off, put them back on, changed the middle name, hated it....its still all up in the air.

I plan and prepare what birth will be like and who will be there , what i will be wearing, i visualize what it will take to get to the hospital and be prepared with our stuff and everything in its place, so I can focus on the goal ahead. ... See OCD. 

Well December 31st i woke up with flu like symptoms , was having tons of braxton hicks through out the day. Headache, and all the bathroom fun stuff that comes with the flu, back pain ,not the back pain of pregnancy , no this was labor back pain, We went and celebrated the New Years with a few close friends, stayed up till midnight (not sure how) but I felt terrible. New years day just got worse. around 5pm my Husband suggested I call our midwife and ask what she thinks. They suggested I come in to get hydrated, get some fluids in my body to help stop the "braxton hicks" i was having. You know when you just know you dont feel right, like something is wrong....that is how i felt. But I am so worried about being "the girl who cried wolf" that I ignore how i feel sometimes.

we headed into Labor and delivery around 7 . they put us in an out patient room , hooked me up to monitors, babies heart rate was great, she is a warrior this one! but my "braxton hicks" were actually real contractions. And they were getting closer together.
my tests came back and i wasn't dehydrated , they were not sure what started this at this point, BUT I was progressing.

Around 11pm we were informed that if there was more change we would be sent in an ambulance to a bigger hospital that had a NICU because I was in full labor and baby was coming. I was 34 weeks and 5 days. our hospital does not deliver there until 36 weeks, when babies don't need a NICU. 

As she was saying all of this, it was a surreal experience, my lack of planning ......we had nothing with us or even packed at home, no name, it was too early, she is so small, her lungs , leaving her in NICU while I go home , an ambulance ride is so expensive. 
So many emotions and thoughts flooding my mind, a simple prayer of "God protect my baby" I knew HE was in charge and in control, and then i felt peace. 

Thank the Lord there was no change as far as dilating is concerned. So no transfer at this point. we got a room and stayed for 24 hours being monitored , contractions real and there but for now she is staying put. And I was put on semi bed rest/ pelvic rest to try and keep contractions down and baby girl in for at least one more week. Having an almost 2 year old is impossible to stay down, any mom knows that, having any kid any age means you are on call around the clock. Food, drinks, snacks, diaper changes, house cleaning, laundry....its a fine line for me finding the balance between doing too much and not taking care of the baby in my belly and doing too little and not taking care of Reagan. 7 more days...I can do this, with the Lords help. 

Needless to say we came home and packed, we purchased a few items we needed and are ready for her , still no name...but at least we will have clothes to wear in the hospital . (priorities right)

So here is to staying low and cooking this little one, getting her fattened up so she can come home with us! 



  1. You got this! Can't wait to meet BB2 & be living she is coming in Gods time, love you guys so much!

  2. Praying for you!!!! We don't have a name either at 34 weeks this week. You'll know when you see her. We have a list of three and I keep changing my kind too. Hey, did you know that in Hebrew, "Gabriel" or "Gabriella" or "Gabrielle" or whatever girl version you come up with... It means God is my strength. He has definitely been the source of strength for you and for this little warrior. Keep fighting because we are all cheering you on. Praying for rest, patience, and loads of grace over you guys today. Xoxo

  3. Nicole...God is with this little and has been with you as well. He has kept you calm and mellow for baby. Had you been going your usual hundred miles an hour your body wouldn't have been able to protect her. God knows what he's doing. So rest and pray and we will do the same. We love you and your family.

  4. Lydia Rose?...happy,healthy,whole in Jesus sweet name.



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